Advanced Game Project

This game project class will allow the students to work in a fictional games company. They will assume different roles and be responsible for delivering a completed medium sized game. Throughout the process they will learn about the different roles and responsibilities in a game company as well as how the actual development process works.

By the end of the class they should have a decent grasp of what it feels like to work in a real games company and they will end up with a very polished game that they can save and share with others.

This class may be acceptable as the student’s final project (päättötyö).

  • Instruction is bilingual, but student should be able to communicate in English
  • Students must be able to use a computer
  • Artists: 2D digital art and animation experience is a plus
  • Student must be passionate, dedicated, and self-motivated

This is an advanced class and students must have taken at least Digitaalinen taide, 3D, or two years of Pelisuunnittelu to apply. Class size is limited so only the most dedicated students will be accepted. Students accepted to the class will be notified before the class begins.

The student must send an email to Tämä sähköpostiosoite on suojattu spamboteilta. Tarvitset JavaScript-tuen nähdäksesi sen. with the following:

  1. A one page letter (300-500 words) in English explaining why they should be accepter, what type of role they would like to have in the “company” (Designer, Artist, Developer/Programmer) and what they would like to learn by attending.
  2. A basic portfolio 1-3 pages of art, a basic design document about they created, or a link to digital download of a game they created.

3 h