English groups in Opinmäki campus

Making Play Happen/ Make your ideas come true: Drawing and Toy & Game Design.  Basic studies for ages 7 - 9 on Wed 14.30 - 16.00

Making Play Happen applies different materials, both digital and non-digital, to design and develop our own games and toys.  Basic game development and interactive product design concepts will be introduced.
Teacher: Art educator, game & toy designer Arlene Tucker

Apply here: ektk.eepos.fi (choose Opinmäki campus to find just these groups). Groups start on week 34. School year includes 34 week. Tuition fee is 220 euros for basic studies and 265 euros for workshop.

Groups will be set up if a sufficient number of student are enrolling.

Hello there! Communicating creatively - workshop for ages 12 - 15 on Wed 16.15-18.30
In this course we will explore and learn different ways of communicating. These techniques will range from creating stationary and 2D designs to digital and performative arts. Traditional media and digital tools will be used in the creative process. We will finds exciting ways of saying hello to our family and friends!
Teacher: Art educator, game & toy designer Arlene Tucker