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Espoon kuvataidekoulu / Espoo School of Art
PL 6670, 02070 ESPOON KAUPUNKI /
WeeGee-talo, Ahertajantie 5, Tapiola

Office open from 10:00 to 15:00
(closed on Mondays).
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Office secretary - Salma Tähtivuo:
+358 (0)9 4257 8920 (student affairs)
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Espoo School of Art is an art school for children and youth from 5 years to 20 years of age. It offers a wide range of systematically progressing studies in visual arts. We implement the national curriculum for the comprehensive course in visual arts and the Act on basic art education.

The school was founded in 1979, and has some 1200 students today. The teachers are art educators, working artists, industrial designers, architects and photographers. The school is run by a registered association and has several studios in different parts of Espoo. Classes are both in Finnish and Swedish.

Espoo School of Art provides supervised and comprehensive art education that supports, strengthens and expands the art education in schools and day nurseries. It makes a solid base for further art studies. The emphasis is on creative work in the studio. All the material and equipment is included in the student fee.

Classes are once a week in the afternoon or in the evening. The elementary course (5–6) and the basic course (7–12 years, 540 h) is 2–3 hours per week, the comprehensive course or the workshops (14–20 years, 760 h) 3–4 hours per week.
The workshops are: 3D, Animation, Architecture and Environment, Comics and illustration, Digital Art, Game Design & 2D (in English), Graphic Art, Ceramics, Drawing, Drawing and Painting,  Fashion/Cloth,  Photography, Street Art, Video,  Visual Art Workshop. The school year is 34 weeks.

In addition, the Espoo School of Art provides short courses for children, youth and families and for adults working with children.